northern route

The traditional northern route has been run more or less unchanged since the first year. Of course, it is developing slightly, but the essence remains the same - start in the town of Hranice u Aše, along the borders with Germany and Poland to the Jeseníky Mountains, then through the Oder, Hostýnské and Vizovické vrchy to the border and in Slovakia directly through the Strážovské vrchy, Velká Fatra, Tatras to the easternmost Nová Sedlica village.

However, the race route also brings a large number of natural attractions
and thousands of distant landscape views...

czech republic

Protected landscape areas

elbe sandstones

Monumental sandstone rock formations and an amazing view from the top of Děčínské Sněžník and much more...

Jizera mountains

Plateaus, from which rise granite peaks, on which are shallow depressions containing numerous bogs.

Orlic mountains

The Orlické Mountains form a ridge about 50 km long that stretches along the state border with Poland...

Broumov region

A landscape with islands of wild nature, known above all for its extensive rock towns and unique folk architecture.


Mountains with rounded ridges, springs of living water flowing through deep valleys, centuries-old primeval forests.

The white carpathians

Thousands of hectares of unique flowery meadows with scattered trees, representing today's typical landscape.

national parks

Krkonoše mountains

An island of tundra in the middle of Europe – they are a unique mosaic of mountain ecosystems. The slopes of the mountains are inhabited by mountain forests and meadows, the upper part of the flat ridges is covered with knee pine, alpine meadows and peat communities.

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The combination of sandstone rocks with the rounded shapes of basalt and bellstone piles thus creates a typical feature of the local landscape, but it is also of fundamental importance in terms of the species diversity of plants, animals and other organisms.


Protected landscape areas

The white carpathians

A foothills that surprises with its picturesqueness and beautiful views. Round shapes often alternate here with limestone bars.

strážovské vrchy

Amazing limestones and dolomite blankets, which – unlike many other Slovak mountain ranges – do not form any main ridge.


Endless carpets of beech forests. The highest peak of the over fifty kilometer long ridge is Vihorlat with a height of 1076 meters above sea level.

national parks

velká fatra

it still retains a great deal of inaccessibility and a kind of veil of mystery. It's not the highest, but no big resorts have developed in the area and many places are quite remote

nízké tatry

mountain range and geomorphological unit in the Western Carpathians in Slovakia. The Low Tatras are a very popular and visited area for both winter and summer tourism.


got its name from the polonins, the grassy areas on the ridges of the Eastern Carpathians above the forest belt - below, the polonins are bounded by the forest, not the scrubland.