human powered
non stop RACE

The adventure you won't find anywhere else!

Race starts in:



1 690


1 090 000 

ridden miles in total



Test your limits, test your physical strength, enjoy a state of total exhaustion – and total euphoria! It's only up to you, your skills and nature – and she does not give you anything for free.

Only an idiot would come up with such a race. And only a moron takes part in it. I went deep, found the bottom and went through it to hell.
Race status SMS – ATHLETE 179

1000 miles adventure

A self-supported human-powered non-stop race.
It doesn't matter if you take your bike, kick-scooter or your own two feet. You'll carry your own equipment and get food anywhere you can (if you can). For 1,600 km, you only have to think about yourself and your basic needs. Every minute of every day – one to two weeks in one go. Is this what you want? Then go!


Traditionally, many want to ride, but the number of participants is strictly limited to 150 – also to keep up the spirit of the race and the possibility to "be alone on the route". The registration always starts at midnight on New Year's Eve. Participants and volunteers from the last years always enjoy priority registration.

What do you need?

To conquer the 1000miles race, you will need a lot of determination, strokes of luck, hardiness and resilience. Good equipment can also come in handy. Especially if the weather does its thing, you'll appreciate good clothes; not to mention a good gps device which will be the cause of success or failure of all your wanderings. Want some tips from people who already have done this before?

You can gain some insights into the race in our history and blog sections.

All of this for
A T-Shirt

The race takes one week for the best; usually it takes about 14 days, but you can also spend a month on route. There's no limit, just the route and you!

And why are you doing all this? For a T-shirt!
A unique T-shirt paid for in blood and sweat, which you can put on with all honours at the Afterparty in the middle of September in the heart of the Czech Republic, in the Vysočina region!

Impressions from the last years

the race Could not happen without the contributions of these companies: