1. 1. 2024 
00:00 hod


9.000 czk
(370 EUR)



Participants and volunteers of the previous year have priority right to register for the following year.
For 2024, exactly 136 people used this (96 for the northern and 40 for the southern route).

Thus, 204 starting points (74 northern and 130 southern routes) will be available for online registration. Already during registration, we take a learned percentage of competitors in addition due to subsequent de-registrations.

Click the button below to view the registration form.

When you press the button, you will see a countdown until registration starts.
After the countdown ends, the form will automatically appear, just start filling it out.
= wait on the deduction page, not here =
The following information will need to be added to the form: name, surname, date of birth,
social security number, place of residence, email, phone, preferred route (north, south),
category (MTB, scooter, walker/runner), length (500, 1000, 2020 miles).

After submitting the form, a confirmation page will appear, which will also show the order of your registration.
You will not receive a confirmation email!

registration process

The order of acceptance of a correctly completed registration through the registration form, see below on this page, will be decisive for the participant's admission to the race.

The form must be filled out correctly and completely, you cannot write only abbreviations and then request to complete or correct data, etc.

After filling out the form, a confirmation screen will appear with a summary of the filled-in data, the serial number of the registration and a link to the complete list of registered users.

It is not allowed to register one competitor more than once. Each competitor has the opportunity to register only once. If the name of one of the competitors appears more than once among those registered, he will be automatically excluded from registration.

Participants and volunteers from the previous year have the right to register first. Priority registration takes place during the Afterparty after the previous year.

The absolute winner of any year can apply out of order, but no later than one month before the start.

Route selection

Within the form, you will have the option of choosing a "preferred route".

  • We will take applications in the order in which they were entered in the list of applications and will take into account the selected route
  • If one of the routes fills up, we will contact the other registrants in order with an offer to complete the other route
  • If they refuse, the place is made available to the next "below the line" in the order.
  • The route cannot be changed subsequently, the application is binding in this regard!

In case of technical problems, if it was not possible to evaluate the order of registrations, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the process and announce a new registration date.

payment of race fee

Payment is made via bank transfer, payment instructions will be sent to the e-mail provided in the application by those who have successfully registered during January 1st.

It is not possible to transfer registration to another person, or another year, etc.

cancelation conditions

In the event of withdrawal by a competitor, they are:

  • until 3/31 - 15% of the total entry fee
  • until 30 April – 30% of the total entry fee
  • until 5/31 – 50% of the total entry fee
  • until 15 June – 70% of the total entry fee
  • from 6/16 – 100% of the total entry fee

In the event that the race cannot take place, for example, due to a government regulation or other unforeseeable external influence, an alternative solution will be offered (new race date, transfer of registration to the next year, etc.).